Thursday, March 5, 2009

Studio on Fire

I was looking through all my inspiration files yesterday and discovered I have not yet done a post for Studio on Fire. "Oh dear," I thought. Better get a it up ASAP. Maybe you've seen this stuff, maybe you haven't (I immediately recognized Laurie Demartino's letterhead when I first perused thier work). What are they? An award winning design house in Minneapolis, doing over-the-top fabulous letterpress work, either for clients, or entirely their own. They say of themselves,

We bring a keen synergy of design sensitivity and production knowledge to our projects. We are backed by full, in-house modern letterpress printing capabilities. We collaborate with creative firms, printers, and individuals to produce work with a tactile and distinctively modern edge.

Most of the designs here have been around for awhile, but they look as fresh as ever to me. Their body of work is a bizarre combination of frightening, graffiti-like cartoon illustrations, and adorably charming. I prefer the adorable. You can gawk in awe at their fabulous client work, or shop their fabulous cards, stationery, and calendars. Anyone's birthday coming up?

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