Friday, January 30, 2009

The Paper Nut featured in The Daily Candy

Now we're getting some real press! The Daily Candy is a free, daily online publication, one for each major city in the U.S., plus London. They email them out every day so you can get the scoop on the latest local shops, restaurants and designers in your area. Somehow, somewhere, they discovered ME. And I was contacted, interviewed, and voila! Really, it's very weird seeing how they interpreted what I said in the short phone interview. Hopefully it makes people want to check out my site!

Read the article at
This is what the wrote about me in Seattle's Daily Candy today, January 30:

"Xxoo ;-) is never as sweet as your scribble on a sheet.

Sincerely, respectfully, occasionally, you still need to pull out a pen to make your mark.

The Paper Nut will have you signing love always on anything from a thank-you note to a preemptive resignation letter. The new stationery line injects fresh life into note writing with unconventional graphics.

Referencing Scandinavian design and designer Jeanie Nelson’s internship at Kate Spade and incorporating circus-like characters, the Seattle-based line is distinct in a world of flowery letterheads. Give your regards on the collection of odd turquoise birds. Or extend well wishes on a card featuring lanky giraffes.

Everything’s hand-pressed on 100 percent Crane cotton paper and packaged in biodegradable materials. So you and your recipients have reason to smile.

Just don’t get too emoticonical."

One last note: there is also Daily Candy Kids! Something for everyone...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

jewell's picks & pics: birthday wish-list

It's my birthday! The Big "01." Don't feel bad if you didn't get me a present yet...I'm fine with late gifts. Here are some suggestions below:

fancy bookends for all my new books

Felicia the Hippo

Schorsch Walker

My first baby doll

BumGenius (a new color! I must have it)

Wall Art from Land of Nod

"Brio Shorty" from Huset

Designer Rattles

Zolo Pull Toys

A Little Indulgence...

There's nothing wrong with a sweet reward... when the moment calls. Just make it a special occasion! Here are some sweet things I've run into recently.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're Live!

Thanks to my marvelous husband, Travis, The Paper Nut website is up and ready for action! I've already enjoyed a great deal of success on my etsy site, but the ultimate goal has been to get my own online shop. So far, it is very minimal, with only the 4 notecards and gift tag set. This February we will be launching the Wedding and Baby letterpressed announcement stay tuned! It's coming soon.

Please play around on the site and give us your feedback. We're sure there will be things that need to change...but we won't know unless we get some unbiased input. Enjoy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ashley Thalman Photography

I just got in touch with my friend Ashley, who I haven't seen in years (we're talking high school),...but thanks to Facebook, blogs, and flickr, I've discovered she has honed a fantastic flare for photography. She seems to have a particular knack for fashionable, theatrical family portraits...who wouldn't want to be photographed by her? I tried to put a good sampling here, but this is only a flavor of her body of work. Please go explore her website, blog, and Flickr photostream. Beautiful work, Ashley!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Illustrator Lisa Evans

For the past two years Nordstrom, who has always chosen fabulous artists to create their holiday decor, has employed the freelance illustrator Lisa Evans to do their displays during the Christmas season. Living in the UK, Lisa seems to be living the dream. Her work is amazing, adorable, unique...all words that are commonly used, but in this case they are very applicable understatements! Jewell enjoys when I read to her from the Nordstrom book "Once Upon a Holiday," a children's book from which the above illustration was taken. All of these images came from Lisa's blog: