Saturday, March 17, 2012

- Owls -

I'm about to make my newest group of prints available: owls! Who doesn't love owls? They never seem to go out of fashion, despite the fact that we really should all be sick of them by now. So here is my contribution to the owl pool. Each of these will be 8X10" ($20 each), but I will make larger versions available if there is interest (8X10's always sell the best).
I've also decided on some new color options for my Mermaids. The single baby girl with the Mom is the best seller, so I've made those in a few palettes: taupe/yellow, pink/orange, coral/olive, and lavender/blonde.

There are still boy options available. And, as always, lots of giraffes. I will be putting up 5X7" sizes of my ballerinas as soon as I can get them photographed. Also, I've put my "Octopus Garden" 12" square print back in stock.

Friday, March 2, 2012

- Pick Your Fave -

Since I am having to do away with custom color options on my prints, I'm trying to decide which color options to have in stock. Here are a bunch of options for my mermaid print. Please leave a comment and tell me which are your favorite (meaning, if you were going to actually buy one to match your decor, which would you choose). Click on the image to see it a lot bigger. Thanks much.