Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Line of Pillows (Someday)

I'm sure very few people ever come here, since I haven't posted anything in over a year. I thought I was done with blogging. I started this blog as with very little sense of direction. And I thought it would be fun. I never expected "followers." When I found that I had them, and that some of them were taking my blog more seriously than I was, I didn't like the pressure. I just wanted to share cool stuff, but I didn't want anyone holding me to some kind of standard. But standards we must have, whether we are in denial about it or not. So I have to re-establish my reason for having a blog at all, since Pinterest is now filling my need to "share cool stuff." Since I started Jeanie and Jewell, my little company, The Paper Nut has attracted quite a bit of success. Now I find I need this blog. It is my little piece of self expression on the web, and I now see how it is a vital place for sharing my work in a way that allows for more dialogue than Pinterest offers. I have no drive to gather a massive following; this is still more for me than anyone, and I would rather feel free to blog at a sporadic pace. Though I still don't describe my blog as ambitious, I do have a sense of purpose. So please come visit and leave comments, as my purpose is to push The Paper Nut forward with increased force. I truly value the feedback and ideas of others. And that's why I still need this blog. (BTW, Follow me on Pinterest here) So, that being said, up for your consideration is my next line of products. My husband, Travis, and I bought a Yudu screenprinter over a year ago and have never used it. In our current desire to make The Paper Nut more of a real career, I feel ready to get it out and make something happen. I have long wanted to create throw pillows. As little cushy tactile art canvases, they are probably my favorite decorating element ever. Here are some quick-and-dirty mock-ups of what I hope to create. Let me know what you think. And Happy 4th!