Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lemon Yellow

pattern from The Paper Nut Bohemian wedding suite; antique crest illustration I scanned from an old publication; baby room by Coordonné; "N" illustration, my own; toy animal illustration, my own; dress from J.Crew; "Wilde Carnation" wallpaper from Osborne & Little; "Iris in Sunshine" by Ashley Thalman Photography; Wallpaper from Romo Fabrics

Here's a little lemony yellow to brighten up your day. I have found the yellow really does make you happier! And a little citrus fresh taste on your tongue can lift your gastronomic attitude as well. Below are some Martha Stewart lemon recipes (I particularly want to try the poppyseed cookies: lemon + poppyseed is a match made in heaven). Martha's Lemon Recipe gallery is right here.

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