Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Line of Pillows (Someday)

I'm sure very few people ever come here, since I haven't posted anything in over a year. I thought I was done with blogging. I started this blog as with very little sense of direction. And I thought it would be fun. I never expected "followers." When I found that I had them, and that some of them were taking my blog more seriously than I was, I didn't like the pressure. I just wanted to share cool stuff, but I didn't want anyone holding me to some kind of standard. But standards we must have, whether we are in denial about it or not. So I have to re-establish my reason for having a blog at all, since Pinterest is now filling my need to "share cool stuff." Since I started Jeanie and Jewell, my little company, The Paper Nut has attracted quite a bit of success. Now I find I need this blog. It is my little piece of self expression on the web, and I now see how it is a vital place for sharing my work in a way that allows for more dialogue than Pinterest offers. I have no drive to gather a massive following; this is still more for me than anyone, and I would rather feel free to blog at a sporadic pace. Though I still don't describe my blog as ambitious, I do have a sense of purpose. So please come visit and leave comments, as my purpose is to push The Paper Nut forward with increased force. I truly value the feedback and ideas of others. And that's why I still need this blog. (BTW, Follow me on Pinterest here) So, that being said, up for your consideration is my next line of products. My husband, Travis, and I bought a Yudu screenprinter over a year ago and have never used it. In our current desire to make The Paper Nut more of a real career, I feel ready to get it out and make something happen. I have long wanted to create throw pillows. As little cushy tactile art canvases, they are probably my favorite decorating element ever. Here are some quick-and-dirty mock-ups of what I hope to create. Let me know what you think. And Happy 4th!

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Color Palette

My ballerinas have a new look! I really like the way this more subdued palette (with a pop of magenta) turned out. $20 each.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

- Owls -

I'm about to make my newest group of prints available: owls! Who doesn't love owls? They never seem to go out of fashion, despite the fact that we really should all be sick of them by now. So here is my contribution to the owl pool. Each of these will be 8X10" ($20 each), but I will make larger versions available if there is interest (8X10's always sell the best).
I've also decided on some new color options for my Mermaids. The single baby girl with the Mom is the best seller, so I've made those in a few palettes: taupe/yellow, pink/orange, coral/olive, and lavender/blonde.

There are still boy options available. And, as always, lots of giraffes. I will be putting up 5X7" sizes of my ballerinas as soon as I can get them photographed. Also, I've put my "Octopus Garden" 12" square print back in stock.

Friday, March 2, 2012

- Pick Your Fave -

Since I am having to do away with custom color options on my prints, I'm trying to decide which color options to have in stock. Here are a bunch of options for my mermaid print. Please leave a comment and tell me which are your favorite (meaning, if you were going to actually buy one to match your decor, which would you choose). Click on the image to see it a lot bigger. Thanks much.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

- Wall Stickers -

These super cute wall decals are from Chocovenyl, a UK based shop that sells fabulous fabric wall stickers on Etsy and now has their own site. They are make my alphabet letters and some cute sets by one of my favorite designers, Helen Dardik: Princess and the Pea and Little Red Riding Hood

Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Giraffes

When I re-open my shop I plan to add some more giraffe prints to compliment the original. Now Available! 4X6" single giraffe and 9X16.5" Giraffe Trio.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've decided to completely empty out my Etsy shop. I am flushing out all my current inventory (everything is on sale) and as soon as its gone I'm going to close the shop for an undetermined amount of time. I'm currently working on illustrating a children's book with my Aunt, and I want time to create new art. I haven't even filled a sketchbook in a long time! So someday I'll open up The Paper Nut again, but now is not the season. In the meantime, I'll be showing any new work on this blog. If there's ever anything you wish you could buy, just let me know and we'll work something out.