Friday, May 29, 2009

Say Yes to Cool Diaper Bags

Yes, you can have a sweet diaper bag...for less than $100. These are so cute. These are awesome. Retrofied makes diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags, and bags that aren't diaper bags but could totally work for that. The best part: they are reversible. And not like when you turn it inside out to reveal a solid color with no features; but turn it inside out and you won't even know if you just turned it inside out or right side out. (Note how some of the consecutive pictures shown here are really the same bag). Such cute fabric. Definitely one of the best Etsy shops out there.


Mia said...

I need one of these!! Thank you for sharing!!

sarahandtim said...

I love the last one best! I wonder if even though I have no baby to speak of, if I could wear it as a purse and avoid public ridicule :)

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