Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Boy Fashion

Red Pajamas

Nomi Vintage

Tiny Modernist

Gracious May

Mama Robot

Happy Family

I have been meaning to make a point about highlighting fashion for baby and toddler boys, so here I go! These are all from Etsy, but I want to find some other lines out there. So many things are available for little girls, and sometimes the boys (or shall we say, the mommies of boys) feel left out! Just in case you're looking for something that isn't from The Gap or Target.


Diana said...

are you sure those blue polka dot shoes are for boys?

Marissa said...

Thanks for highlighting these! I'm definitely one of those mommies :)

gyoza*girl said...

thanks for sharing your finds for boys (or for their mommies)! while there seem to be more and more cute stylish baby boy clothes popping up, there's always triple the amount of cute baby girl stuff out there....i'm always looking for more cute boy options. tea collection has some fun stuff and one of my faves is wonderboy clothing. :)