Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jewell's Picks & Pics: DwellStudio for Target

DwellStudio has made so many cool things for Target, helping not-so-rich babies everywhere enjoy a stylish life. Their clothing line came out a few months ago, and I have wanted to buy everything in it. I can do $6.99 for a onesie. Unfortunately, it only goes up to 12 months. Let's cross our fingers they make some toddler clothes!


RORYJEAN said...

I love Dwell Studio- I bought some bedding from their Target line last year and I LOVE it. My nephew has that little airplane onesie and a matching hat- it's so darling.

gyoza*girl said...

oh, that stuff is so cute! like you, i hope they start making sizes for older kids too! so great that DwellStudio and Target collaborated!! :)