Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Annie M.

Thanks to the Cable Car Couture blog, I can show you some great pictures of my client, Adrienne Morris' booth at the Women's Expo last weekend in Utah. I have been doing extensive work on branding her fabulous jewelry line, Annie M. (I did a blog post on some of her jewelry here).

The creator of the Cable Car Couture blog (a fashion blog in Utah, focusing on finding new talent and modest fashions) was among the first to purchase one of Annie M's latest items: a chunky round pendant featuring the Annie M. monogram. I love it. And I love that we came up with an icon that looks good enough to wear.

I myself am starting to sport Annie M. merchandise. It is super fun to wear: heavy, playful, and feminine, like Juicy Couture or Betsey Johnson but without the assembly-line feel that such big label products emit. I will definitely keep you posted on when her website shop is available (website is already up here). You can also follow new products and events at the Annie M. blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Jeanie, I didn't realize you designed Annie M's logo and monogram -- it's spectacular! Really impressive work. Thanks also for the link back to Cable Car Couture. Appreciate it!