Thursday, January 1, 2009

DIY: Snowflakes

Is your Christmas tree looking a little brown, but you're not ready to deck your halls in cupids and frilly hearts? Here is an idea to fill the festivity gap between Christmas and Valentines: snowflakes! First, a couple of decorating ideas from Martha Stewart. The top idea is my favorite: using fabric stiffener on old doilies and hanging them like snowflakes. Paper snowflakes do have that kindergarten classroom look.

If you don't happen to have a dozen vintage crocheted doilies hanging around, and you don't want to make a mess, check out this amazing site, "Make-a-Flake," virtual snowflakes! Cut it out, preview it, and save it! And when you make a flake you want to keep, there's the option to print it out. There is a gallery of flakes people have made. The bottom image is a snowflake I made using the site. Try it!

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christina said...

it was nice to hear from you! the cards came in a week or so ago and i love them! i think the font you were asking about is called Archer. one of my favorites :)