Monday, December 15, 2008

DIY: Tag Blanket

I have seen blankets like this given at baby showers, and I thought, "I could make that!" I have a powerful ribbon fetish, so this was a partially selfish indulgence. Being a designer, I also wanted to make it with the most stylish materials I could. Many of the ribbons are those I have gathered on my travels in New York and London, or even saved from fancy gift packaging. The fabrics are a very soft corduroy on one side, and on the other that silky-plush material with the dot bumps. If you make one, be sure to use fabrics that are machine-washable and ribbons that are colored with dye and not with the patterns "stamped" onto the outside, or the pattern will eventually just wear off.

I also made extras as gifts; one for my nephew and one for my unborn niece. The cost was about $20 a blanket to make for one this large. I added quilt batting and a simple quilting stitch. It's nearly a yard long and has dozens of different ribbons, so I've been getting comments that it's the biggest "taggie" blanket people have seen. There is a "Taggies" brand...but I say, do it yourself and you'll get exactly what you want.


RORYJEAN said...

What a cute tag blanket! I have enjoyed having the one my friend made for Apollo- he was totally entertained by it when he was in the "chew on everything" phase. I love the fabric and ribbons you used on yours- so chic.

christina said...

Just wanted to say hello, I came across your etsy shop today and bought a set of 4 of your beautiful cards! and I blogged about it! so I thought I'd share that, too :)

and a great baby blanket idea, looks like fun!

e said...

How neat. I've never seen a tag blanket before, not be a frequenter of baby showers. But what a great idea for using all those lovely pieces of ribbon. Yours looks great.

Amy Jaz said...

Lovely blanket! My daughter LOVES her tag blanket. I also like the little small sizes for her to play with. For some reason, she loves eating blankets!