Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're Live!

Thanks to my marvelous husband, Travis, The Paper Nut website is up and ready for action! I've already enjoyed a great deal of success on my etsy site, but the ultimate goal has been to get my own online shop. So far, it is very minimal, with only the 4 notecards and gift tag set. This February we will be launching the Wedding and Baby letterpressed announcement shop...so stay tuned! It's coming soon.

Please play around on the site and give us your feedback. We're sure there will be things that need to change...but we won't know unless we get some unbiased input. Enjoy!


christina said...

the site looks wonderful! i'm in the beginning stages of planning my own little etsy shop (my letterpress is being delivered this week) and seeing your progress is really motivating!

Diana said...

Wow! I'm so impressed.

My only thing was I couldn't read the "Your cart" button. But, once I clicked on it, I knew what it was. It could be that I just woke up so my eyes are still adjusting.

Duchess said...

It looks beautiful. Congratulations!

bird on the lawn said...

congrats!!! you are amazing!