Friday, September 5, 2008

Personal Favorite: Elūm

If I didn't design my own invitations, where would I go to have them made? My absolute favorite announcement and stationery company is Elūm Designs in San Diego. It was merely coincidence I discovered them just after I moved to San Diego. At the time there were located further north in Carlsbad; now their headquarters are just 6 minutes away from the office I used to work at (Buchanan Design). Since then they have expanded greatly, and have been mentions in practically every women's design magazine from Martha Stewart and Blueprint to Real Simple. You also may have seen some of their boxed stationery at Borders.

What Elūm has done with letterpress is outstanding. Notice the overlaps of colors, perfect lock-up of fine detail, and even gradients (how did they do that?) Truly lovely, wouldn't you agree?

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The Soptich clan said...

and why couldn't I have known about these people four years ago when I got married?!! (and had money...)