Monday, September 29, 2008

Jewell's Picks & Pics: Baby Geared

In just 8 months on this earth I have already come across more fantastic design than I can possibly take in (or afford!). And that's just in the baby and kids categories. My latest discovery is an amazing online shop called Baby Geared, a central location for the best baby design being produced today, by all the big-name designers, studios, and artists. Check out my favorites (and if you'd like to send me a generous 8-month birthday present, feel free).

Dwell Studio

Jonathan Adler

Maria Carluccio
Jill Mcdonald
Sophie Demenge
Kay Bojesen
Kalon Studios
Julie Klear + Moulay Essakalli for Zid Zid Kids
Alexander Girard

Wolfgang Dufhues
Simon Maidment
Phililppe Starck

Steven Savage
Wee Gallery + Blik
Kristin Loffer Theiss


david santos said...

Really beautiful!
These Baby`s are very pretty.
Happinesses forever.

Annalis said...

It makes you want a baby just to have nice miniature things. By the way, is the girl always that happy?