Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jewell's Picks & Pics: Some of My Toys

Vintage or not?

Has anyone ever seen the giraffes in the above photo? Mommy found them at a thrift store and wants so badly to find the entire set. They are probably Fisher Price or Playskool, circa 1985. We've seen the elephant and chicken in the set, and also have one of the sheep. It's a silly obsession.

The blocks are from ebay. We have quite a set!

The stackers, little bear and the pig and monkey tops all may look vintage...but they're not. Thank you Target and Old Navy. The spoon and fork are from a Japanese shop in a mall.


Brooke said...

I love that spoon and fork set.. of course it would be Japanese.

miumiu said...

The giraffes are adorable!

sara said...

I know you said old navy/target for the monkey spinners - but can you tell me where, specifically and if it was recently? My son (3) wants a spinner SO badly and I am having a hard time finding the "right" one!