Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jewell's Picks & Pics: Eco-Friendly Baby Fashion

Sustainability Week continues! I love being green. And I love being cute. And being all-natural is all the cuter. I came up with a great idea for how to save the earth's resources: going naked! It's good for the planet, and good for the soul. But Mommy said that's not really an option. So here's some other ways to be a purist without wearing nothing but your own skin. Recycled, fair trade, and organic baby fashions:


MamaD said...

I ESPECIALLY love Happy Green Bee. So cute!

RORYJEAN said...

What adorable clothes! Love it!

Tysha and Jacob said...

Check out Speesees if you haven't already:

I think you'll LOVE them! For many reasons. Especially green ones!