Tuesday, September 7, 2010

... Stone to Stone ...

Amazing. I love rock stacking! My husband and I like to play around with it sometimes when we're out climbing or at a beach...but nothing like this! I don't know how Shane Hart does it. Check out his website, Stone to Stone, which I discovered through Yoga Journal (his rock balancing is tied to his yoga practice). Download his images for a fantastic wallpaper on your computer screen. And try rock stacking yourself! A very fun, very free activity to do with your kids.


ManxStef said...

Hi Jeanie,

If you like that then you should definitely check out the artist Andy Goldsworthy, who's generally considered to be the founder of modern rock balancing. His books are incredible – I'd recommend "A Collaboration With Nature" or "Stone" for something along these lines, though they're all worth a look!



Maeve said...

Your wonderful alphabet is on the front page!