Monday, September 20, 2010

( Oval First Year Frame )

Have you seen this? I just went on the Tour of Homes here in Yakima County, and one home had three of these Oval First Year frames up in the hallway (one for each grandchild). Adorable. My friend flipped it over to see where it was from. I guessed right! Pottery Barn Kids, of course. I also was almost right on guessing the price. $44, but free shipping!


April said...

Thanks for posting this! I bought one of these over 3 years ago for my daughter and I just recently had a son and couldn't remember where I purchased that frame. Luckily I stumbled upon your post and just ordered myself a second frame! THANK YOU I've been searching weeks for this frame!

Catrina said...

Babies R Us used to make the EXACT same one several years ago, but sold it for $20. I bought one when my 4 yo was born and then another two years ago when my second was born. BRU doesn't carry it anymore, so I'm glad to find somewhere I can buy another now that we're trying for our third...even if I'm going to pay 2x as much.

The McKinney Family said...

So glad I found this post... I also bought the frame for $20 at Babies R US 3 years ago and now that we are expecting our 2nd could not find it anywhere... Just paid $44 + tax at!!!