Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So the flower thing is getting pretty overdone, right? Well, I for one am not sick of it in the least. Jewell's version: a J.Crew women's headband (no longer available, but here is a cute one on sale from Crewcuts), plus the addition of a fluttery blossom I got on sale (score!) at Anthropologie (still available in gray on the website).

Etsy find: Rosebud Lips: plain adorable. I know a lot of people are doing headbands like this these days, but I haven't seen any cuter and more tasteful than these. Fabulous for your little girl, but you're not left out either as there a just as cute of options for women.

DIY: My friend Tysha (who has an amazing photography business, Little Red Wagon) has put up fantastic how-to instructions on her photography blog. If you're into trying your hand.

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Tysha said...

Those are gorgeous! I am going to have to try some similar with some extra silk I have laying around here :)

ps - thanks for the shout out!