Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{ Balmain Military Jackets }

Spread from Vogue
My mom has this ongoing obsession with all things pirate. This bleeds into the nautical, the theatrical, and gilded jackets. And yes, she will wear these things...even in the middle of rural Utah (though she is actually moving to the Northwest coast...A pirate's life for me!). She was going on yesterday about the Michael Jackson influence that has surged in the fashion scene recently, in tribute to his passing and (I suppose) as a way to somehow carry on the torch for a comeback tour that never happened. (MJ was trotting around in women's line Balmain and Givenchy attire just before his death.) Balmain is reaping the benefits, as their military jackets (retailing for thousands) couldn't be selling out faster if they were at Target's dollar spot.

Balmain Fall 08 runway show

The denim take

various jackets from Michael Jackson tours and events, via Rolling StoneThriller Jacket
MJ in studded Women's line Givenchy studded blazer and Balmain Jeans
The influence seen in Gucci ad campaign
Style comparison from then and now
As a side note, MJ is from Gary, Indiana, the setting of The Music Man: Could there be some founding fashion connection? Just a thought.


Diana said...

Tell me, did you catch that Gary, IN connection yourself? Or read it elsewhere?

Renae said...

He could have also been influenced by the whole Sgt. Pepper thing. Once again, the Beatles started in all. I mean, it really is like a marching band uniform.

Jeanie said...

My mom came up with the whole Music Man connection. Honestly, I never would have thought of it.