Monday, July 6, 2009

:: Jewell's Picks & Pics: Baby Darling ::

Another indie shop making use of Amy Butler fabrics: Baby Darling. These products are wonderfully adorable and practical. If you don't like order things because of shipping costs, Baby Darling makes it worth it as you'll probably want to order 3 or 4 things (nursing cover, check; dress, check; stylish bibs). Also, currently the shop is offering a buy 2 get one 1/2 off deal...and they are already very affordable to begin with.


RORYJEAN said...

Adorable! It's so funny- that floral fabric on the bib is the exact fabric I have been contemplating recovering my old dining chairs in.

Tysha said...

I love Amy Butler fabrics but am not much of a "sewer". Thanks! These are adorable - I think they need to add some slings to their lineup :)