Thursday, April 30, 2009

Studio on Fire...Again

I try not to use the word "obsessed" lightly, but I might venture to apply it to how I feel about Studio on Fire's work. Recently on their blog they posted this amazing peacock invite (which I discovered through Black*Eiffel's recent post). Their own words:

Wedding invitations need not be all typographic. This is a nice change in pace from most invites that tend to focus more on type than image. And we love letterpress printing lots of color, so this artwork does the trick. It was designed by Sheraton Green over at CSA Design. The peacock image comes from the CSA Image collection - an easy $40 bucks to license for wedding invites.

Though I'm totally impressed with what Studio on Fire did with it, I was interested to note that the peacock image came from CSA Image Collection (search "peacock" and it will come up). But SOF modified it and made it so much more.

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Red Beard said...

This was actually design by sheraton green at CSA. Studio on fire just printed it.