Monday, December 6, 2010


Alright folks, the waiting is over. The fear. The doubts. The sheer laziness. I finally made my own yogurt.

Some facts:
1: it worked.
2: 2 quarts cost less than $2 to make*
3: it was easy
4: I have eaten it and am still alive
5: I had all the required equipment on hand
6: it was delicious

*(I get milk for $1.99/gallon)

I'm just putting this out there to plant a seed of encouragement for all of you still eating nasty tasting, sugary, overly packaged, expensive, American yogurt. This is not an attack on you personally, just your yogurt. I have been shoving it down, too, though I am not at all ignorant of what good yogurt can be (you've been to Europe?). I kept saying I was going to start making my own yogurt, but I just kept putting it off. But after watching our recycling been overflow with little tiny Activia and Tillamook cups (I am SO sick of rinsing those things out), I thought, "Enough." This isn't one of those activities that Martha Stewart puts out there as domestic simplicity and then, after using up half your Saturday, spending $89 on supplies, and trashing your kitchen, you realize it just wasn't worth it. This is actually super easy. I used this recipe by Crystal Miller (just don't add as much sugar as they say; way too much).

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Mrs N said...

Hmm perhaps I will try this out.
I just learned how ridiculously easy it is to make my own ricotta, so I'm thinking about attempting that pretty soon.