Thursday, May 13, 2010

:: Fabulous Free Font ::

Fontshop is handing out the regular weights of Museo, Museum Slab, and Museo Sans! Go get 'em (you'll need to make an account). I highly recommend getting on Fontshop's email list so you can find out when they have new fonts AND new free fonts. These are fonts that you normally have to buy (so they're not cruddy "free fonts" they are real fonts for free). Here are some beautiful new script fonts they showed off in the latest email:

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ManxStef said...

Just thought I'd mention that these particular free fonts are all by the amazingly talented Jos Buivenga. As well as getting them from FontShop, you can also obtain them directly from his exljbris Font Foundry website:

Oh, by the way, your site is gorgeous :)