Monday, March 15, 2010

< shade maternity >

I feel obliged to post about Shade Maternity, because I keep running into women who have never heard of the Utah-based clothing line, Shade. They try one shirt and their lives are changed forever! If you're tall, long-waisted, or (especially) if you're pregnant, you want shirts that are LONG, not just kinda long. I pretty much live in these tees. Very true to size, comfortable, versatile, cute. Get on the mailing list or check back often because there are sales constantly. And spend $100 to get free shipping.


Tysha said...

I love Shade! I also live in their t-shirts - both when pregnant, and un-pregnant :) They're perfect alone, or with layers! I heard a rumor they carry them at some Macy's stores?

Deborah Athay said...

Anyone else find how all the models are posed EXACTLY alike kinda creepy? Or is it just me? :)

elizabeth said...

thanks for the recommendation! shirts are NEVER long enough. I will definitely be checking shade out!