Monday, January 18, 2010

=Mighty Tieton=

I may be able to stand living here after all! Our little family currently moved to the-middle-of-nowhere-Washington. Well, it's not that remote: the Yakima area. But after living in San Diego and Seattle, it is kind of an adjustment. But my husband and I recently discovered a flowering artistic community in Tieton, a town near the mountains. An entreprenurial venture called "Mighty Tieton" is working to "improve the economy of the town and region by combining its creative and professional talents and utilizing local resources to build successful businesses related to art, design, hospitality, and recreation.a small but growing group of designers, architects, artists, and creative individuals." Check out their website here.

I'm very interested in becoming part of all this, hopefully trying my hand in the printmaking studio Goathead Press. Also in part of Mighty Tieton is Marquand Editions, a nationally recognized art book publishing company that produces handmade art books. I was able to visit their amazing letterpress studio and Book Arts studio, which has a very hip little shop. The awesome limited edition letterpress coasters and handbound books sold there can be purchased on their website or Etsy shop.

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