Tuesday, September 15, 2009

... Jewell's Picks & Pics: Decorating Ideas ...

Dutch designer's children's room via Famille Summerbelle

Ruffalo Home via Armelle blog

Shabby Chic wall decal from Expressing You

Adorable girl's room ideas from Crafty Nest

Just some cute children's bedroom decorating ideas I've been gathering. So much you can do without necessarily spending a ton of money.

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lyndsey | paper girl said...

okay, i came across your shop thanks to etsy's twitter feed today, and i love your stuff! i'm actually writing a post about the paper nut for my blog [it will be up tomorrow morning] but while i was researching you i saw your bio. i went to byu TOO! yay. i'm actually living in orem once again while my husband goes to business school at the Y...after three years of living in LA, i'm having a tough adjustment period ;)

anyway, just wanted to say hi -- and tell you i really like your work. see you in the blogosphere :)