Thursday, August 6, 2009


Petit Collage

Stephanie Fizer

Bold & Noble

Present & Correct

Sycamore Street Press

Ink + Wit


Lad & Lass

Kaching Design


Bless Design

Petit Collage

I went through all the Alphabet posters being sold on Etsy, and I'm amazed. I have been wanting to design an ABC print myself, but check out the competition! Now I just need to decide which one I want to buy! Note that some of these come in different colors, so visit the original shops.


Layla said...

No way, I can't believe you found an arabic alphabet poster. I am so in love with it and must have it for the nursery of the child I might never have. :)

gyoza*girl said...

oh they're all so cute! i can't wait to see one of yours someday. thx for all the great posts!